The beginning is never the beginning but let’s start in 2003 when Tabatha Visutskie and a friend enter a crazy writing contest. They have all of Labour Day weekend to write a full length novel. What an achievement! They don’t win, but the experience gives Tabatha the boost she needs. She goes on to meet Editor Christine Unterthiner who becomes her new writing partner.

Christine and Tabatha begin working on two dramatic novels and every once in a while, when they need a break from being serious, they write comedy.

Tabatha uses their first script Making It at her acting class. Her fellow actors like it so much, she decides it’s meant to be seen on screen and Christine says “OK, let’s do it.”

So they form a production company called Two Girls and a Guy Production – it’s Tabatha, Christine and her boyfriend (a guy) – and it’s crazy. They don’t know what they’re doing but they know they’re having fun.

It is an amazing experience to audition, cast, produce and direct – and they shoot it all in one day! The feedback from everyone involved is that it was a great experience. The best part everyone contributed their time and energy and at the end of the day it only costs $1100!

Tabatha Visutskie is an actor, writer and film maker. She is also founder and producer of Two Girls and a Guy Productions.

In 2009, Tabatha wrote the short screenplay, Making It which, in collaboration with her partners, she produced and premièred on February 13. 2010. Two Girls and a Guy Productions are currently in pre-production of another short film.

Tabatha and her business partner, Christine Unterthiner at We Know Productions have completed their first full length comedy screenplay, Three’s A Crowd and are ready to sell it. Tabatha is also working on a drama that We Know Productions will produce.

Tabatha started her acting career working as a set designer for stage productions. She won an acting scholarship to Van Mar Academy in Los Angeles and went on to study in Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver. Tabatha performed in local theatre productions, short films, music videos, commercials, voice-overs and played her first leading role in the movie, Forgive Me Father where she won the best actress award in the film. The movie premiered on July 10. 2011. Tabatha was also part of their marketing team.

In 2010, Tabatha was the voice-over of two characters for the animated series, Snapatoonies which won Best Program, Doc Toy’s Best Picks Children’s Products Awards 2011.

As Festival of Volunteers Entertainment Coordinator for the past two years, Tabatha produced to highly successful talent shows. In addition, she co-wrote Green, a short play entitled in which she and another actor performed at the Festival 2011. The following year, Tabatha wrote a second one act play, Counting Down, in which she performed with two other actors. See event coverage in the New Westminster Record Newspaper, p. A20.

Tabatha has been a member of the New West Writer’s Group for the past five years. The group will be publishing their fourth anthology in 2013.

Tabatha’s work has also been published in:
Our Many Voices Anthology, New West Writers, 2009
Island Treasures, Canadian Poetry Institute Inc, 2008
From Wayside and Woodland, Canadian Poetry Institute Inc., 2007
Whispers on the Wind
The Performing Arts and Peace

Tabatha once heard of an author many centuries ago who said he wrote with his own blood, sweat and tears. She does the same. Tabatha’s belief is that her talents come from a power greater than my being. For that she is eternally grateful.

Christine Unterthiner is co-founder Two Girls and a Guy Productions.

From graphic design to event management to founding her own company, Pilot – branding navigators, Christine honed her ability to produce effective results, no matter what the budget. She learned printing, production and design while working in Calgary’s oil patch. At Douglas College and Bau+Wow Design she became versed in marketing, branding and producing. Later, she learned voice over production under Director Michael Hack and BLT Productions. Christine is also a coach for a leadership training and development program for the last four years.

After years designing and producing, Christine understands that the key to success is communication— an individual or group’s ability to produce results is through conversations within their communities.

With her background, it’s easy to see why producing and co-directing the short film, Making It, came together without a hitch. Written by her partner and co-founder, Tabatha Visutskie, the short film was successfully launched in the fall of 2010 at a private screening with 60 people.

Since then, Christine has worked with Tabatha to complete their first full length comedy, Three’s a Crowd, continues as creative director of Pilot, is raising awareness about perma culture, and will soon be training to climb Kilimanjaro.



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